Using Mordançage

Petra-Puk uses the technique ‘Mordançage’ to chemically edit a photograph or photo-gram.

Mordançage is a technique that destroys a photograph, if you’re not careful. It is unpredictable; the darker parts of a photograph can come loose. Those parts are extremely delicate and easily destroyed, more often than not, they disappear whilst treating it with the special solution. Sometimes they come loose easily and in a nice shape. For more detailed information, visit this website.

An other interesting effect is the fading of a photograph or photo-gram. A discolouration can occur, where the picture turns purplish.

A photograph where the timber groynes have gained relief using mordançage
Mordançage gives the timber groynes on the beach a tactile relief (left and right side of the photograph).

Particles project – mordançage

This series of five photo-grams is part of the project Particles. It depicts one of the cycles concerning climate change. Each photo-gram represents one of the greenhouse gases; CH4, CO2, H2O (g), N2O and O3. The original photo-grams were created using old Ilford photo paper RC DeLuxe – Ilfospeed RC IS2.1M

Plastic and other garbage created the photo-grams. The artist collects it during hikes along the sea and ocean shores. After creating the photo-grams, they mordançage ‘ruined’ them.

Photographic collage created using photo-grams, mordançage to represent greenhouse gases, our waste and our part in the whole cycle.
Particles CH4

“During one of my hikes I couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful our planet is and how deeply I am in love with it. My concerns are ever growing and so is my need to express these concerns.

With this series of five photo-grams, I visualise one of the cycles of consumerism and its negative impact on our environment. During my hikes I collected garbage and some of it is used to create the photo-grams. The photo-grams depict the release of greenhouse gases. I subjected the photo-grams to the mordançage, thus showing the destructive nature of those gases. The centre-piece is a combination of a photograph and a photo-gram. It provides a glimpse of what we can still enjoy or what one day may be a vague memory…”

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