(p)Art Productions

Black and white portrait of young artist and founder of (p)Art Productions
young Petra-Puk

Petra-Puk (known by all simply as Puk) is a female installation & visual artist and founder of (p)Art Productions. Born in The Hague – the Netherlands (1972). 

From an early age she is into drawing, painting, photography (old, analogue techniques) and philosophy.

During her childhood she moved almost every two years. These frequent changes, clearly formed her. She’s outgoing and openly curious about anything, everything and everyone.

 During her early twenties she started to travel and live abroad for about ten years.

Being adventurous she pushed the boundaries during scuba diving. This ultimately let to a forced change of carrier and let her back to an old love; the arts.

 As a multiple (rather than late) bloomer she started to study in thirties (Fotovakschool Amsterdam) and forties (Royal academy of fine arts, Antwerp)

Installation & visual artist – (p)Art Productions

Although Petra-Puk works with photographic processes, she is not a photographer in any traditional sense. Often photographs are used as the base, whereupon the total piece is constructed. A photograph doesn’t need to be flat.  Differences in height make the work appear as a sort of sculpture, a photographic one. Science, philosophy, cubism, conceptual- and experimental art, are clearly a great influence on her art.

(p)Art Productions represents the combination of different media combining one piece of art. Different parts = one piece of art.

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