Petra-Puk Bresser (aka – Puk)

Petra-Puk Bresser is and installation & visual artist.

Although Puk (mainly) works with photographic processes, she is not a photographer in any traditional sense. Rather, she creates installations.  These are a result of her being curious and philosophical. Everything is relative. This is something, she likes to play with. Both in creating art as in presenting the art. Science, philosophy, cubism, conceptual- and experimental art, clearly influence her.

The photographs undergo whatever Puk finds relevant to help emphasis the theme or subject. “When creating ‘me my Self & you’ it was obvious to me I had to work with cut-outs. This enabled me to vary heights and mirrors to emphasis my personal confusion about the Self. I always want to add something to the visual experience that goes beyond a photographic image.”

The philosophical and experimental approach keep challenging her to be daring and look at things differently. Because the subject is leading, not the technique (photography), we expect Puk to keep using different mediums to create her art.


Probably best known for The Ice Prisoner. The Ice Prisoner, is a multi media installation. Within this installation,  photography is combined with spoken word and an overwhelming soundscape. Finally, her latest project me, my Self & you.This is an art installation made of viewing boxes on one side and a large intriguing self-portrait on the opposing wall.

Petra-Puk picture offering her heart
portrait of a woman offering her heart to the world, self portrait

Studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp, Belgium.

Dutch, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Petra-Puk is currently working on We are our city and Off course
More information will be posted soon.