(p)Art Productions was initiated by Puk, some years ago. Due to an exploding iCal, there simply wasn’t enough time to really get started. Until now.

Ester Rademaker & Puk Bresser founded Rademaakt v.o.f. in 2017. As for all start-ups a takes time and energy to create a solid business base. Business is going great and Rademaakt v.o.f is still growing. Next to selling products for interior repair, Ester & Puk also work as French polishers themselves. Repairing damaged interiors and furniture is not the same as creating new arts & crafts

wooden jewellery | p Art Productions
wooden rings

This changed in 2019. Next to repairing it’s time for designing and developing. (p)Art Productions is being revived, as part of Rademaakt v.o.f, to channel the creativity of both its founders.

(p)Art Productions will design and develop small pieces of furniture and wooden jewellery, combined with other materials.

We expect to be able to show our first pieces in October 2019. Until then, we will keep you informed about all the next steps, that need to be taken. Here’s to new adventures 😀 !