Work in progress ….

Work in progress, seems to be never ending. Petra-Puk is currently working on two different projects. We are our city and Off course.

Work in progress - a picture of what the 2nd collage may look like.
Off CourseCollage – panel #2

At the moment, the artist is selecting different pictures, to create a collage. Off Course will (probably) consist of 5 panels with different collages.

As work in progress goes, things might change slightly. The artist is known to be flexible. If it doesn’t work, it will be discarded. And when she does throw away bits and pieces, you will learn about it here 😉

Work in progress … Off Course

Off course can also be heard as of course. And in this case, it’s both. Of course the artist went off course. Going off course in order to decide her own course. This is something she recommends us all to do. Find out who you are and who you want to be.

“I don’t think it’s a single moment in time. Once you’ve become, what you wanted to become, you’ve learned even more. We all keep changing. Both consciously and sub-consciously. “

… We are our city

March 2020, Covid-19. It changed all our lives. The cities went empty and quiet. When Puk walked the normally crowded streets of Rotterdam, she became sad. The sadness of having lost a lover. The city felt incomplete. And like so many other artists, she needed to channel this experience.

Work in progress - We are our city
Man makes eye contact with mannequins plus cyanotype using 1st pic, glueing it onto a mask